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CASAVERRI AMABILE blend pack. 250gr

CASAVERRI AMABILE blend pack. 250gr

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Only in this way can your lunch break be sweetened by the perfect balance to savor all the nuances offered by coffee. In this blend, the soft and aromatic aftertaste, with floral notes, goes perfectly with all types of confectionery and pastry products. For this reason it is also an excellent accompaniment for an afternoon snack.

Its blend, with low acidity, is made up of washed arabicas (25%), natural arabicas (50%) and robust mainly Indonesian (25%).


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Why prefer an artisan roasted coffee?

  • Because, thanks to the experience we have gained in more than 90 years, we give you the opportunity to taste products of absolute quality and guaranteed freshness.

  • Becauseeach bean you take home is strictly selected and roasted.

  • Because in a sip of coffee you can enjoy the passion of our family's tradition Italian roasters, handed down in 3 generations, from 1931 to today.

You just have to try it.