We have been working with passion since 1931, offering the best varieties of coffee, merging tradition and innovation of the oldest pleasure in the world.

the company

A Piedmontese excellence since 1931

Piedmontese since ever, now in Dormelletto in the splendid context of Lake Maggiore, we are present in many foreign countries and we strongly believe in the future expansion of these markets into new world realities.


Since 1931...

Andrea Verri, a young Pavia native from a family of beekeepers, took over a historic 19th century grocery store in Borgosesia in Piedmont, where he sold raw coffee. In a short time he decides to start roasting the finest and most sought-after coffees. He handcrafted a wood-fired roaster in the outdoor space of his business and in 1931 the business became a roaster to all intents and purposes, one of the first to be born in Italy.
Towards the middle of the last century, its founder decided to abandon retail to focus on wholesale. His expertise in the sector, his knowledge of the product and his passion for coffee are increasingly appreciated: consumers wanting Caffè Verri are increasing and Andrea joins them on his bicycle, delivering the roasted coffee aboard a towed cart from horses. 
After Andrea's death in the 1960s, his son Giancarlo took over and began collaborating with the Mercandelli family, then owners of the company that manufactures Victoria Arduino coffee machines, an international symbol of coffee and Italian style. The collaboration translates into a decisive expansion beyond the borders of Piedmont, in the neighboring regions. In 1966 Caffè Verri can boast of being the roastery with the number 1 license in the whole province of Vercelli. The partnership between the Verri and Mercandelli families is increasingly strengthened and the size of Caffè Verri is constantly expanding, therefore requiring a complete restructuring of the company to meet the constantly increasing demands of customers: in 1996 Caffè Verri becomes D.G.C.- Distribution of Generi Coloniali, owner of the Caffè Verri brand, and begins its expansion in foreign countries, even outside the European borders.

... to date

The challenge offered by the international market is increasingly compelling and interesting for D.G.C. which today is proposing itself in an innovative and aggressive way in new emerging markets such as Poland, China, Malaysia and Japan. In 2006 the company opened up to the world of vending by becoming a shareholder of Vamm S.r.l., a Borgosesia company specialized in the marketing and installation of automatic machines for distributing coffee. Today the offer is more complete and innovative than ever. The historic range of products is also available on the e-shop and it is possible to visit the company showroom at the Pratosesia production plant, where gradual training courses are organized regarding all aspects of the coffee world (raw coffee - Roasting - Espresso - Brewing etc...). DGC continues in the mission of putting quality first and is ready to face the new challenges of the market while remaining faithful to its values, recognized by a growing customer satisfaction of loyal customers.

the roastery

The beating heart of Caffè Verri, always.

Here every day the carefully selected and tested raws in our quality control department are blended and roasted by hand with the historic Vittoria roaster, by our master roasters. We also deal directly with bagging the coffee, to shorten the supply chain and increase control.


In our showroom we organize training courses of various levels concerning all aspects of the world of coffee.

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Via Cesare Pavese 2/A | 28040 Dormelletto (NO)

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Ubiquo™, the first ready-to-use compact Italian coffee shop, allows any type of preparation to serve top quality products in a cup, regardless of the location.

This is why Caffè Verri has chosen this system in order to guarantee a quality service very high cafeteria for events, catering, fairsin any possible context.

The service offered by Caffè Verri includes both the supply of consumer products and the service of highly qualified personnel for the administration of our products.